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Bonne Amie

Stable Name: Bobo

DOB: 2001

Level – Intermediate / 2*

Notable achievements to date:

Clear XC at Hartpury CIC***

Clear and highest completing mare at Blenheim CIC*** 2010

7th Gatcombe OI 2012

4th Pontispool OI 2012

7th Salperton OI 2012

5th Pontispool OI 2012

BE Points: 99

2013 Aims: Top 20 2* placing

Worst habit: Making dragon noises at food time or when she has run out of food and other horses are still eating (how dare they)!

Favourite treats: Mints/apples (she isn’t fussy)

Favourite pastime: Showjumping / Eating

Owner: Miss Lottie Wemyss

Rider: Kitty King (

A little bit about Bobo….

Bo was bought as a recently broken 5 year old by the Wemyss family in 2006 for Lottie to compete and sell on. She showed a huge amount of promise over a fence with a willing and exuberant jump and moved very well on the flat. In their first few years together, they enjoyed Pony Club Camp, the Pony Club Championships, BSJA and introduced each other to the lower levels of affiliated eventing. Unfortunately, during Lotties gap year, prior to attending university, Bo developed an aggressive sarcoid in the corner of her eye which had to be treated at the Liverpool Equine clinic by the renowned and truly fabulous Derek Knottenbelt. She had 4 radioactive rods fixed into the sarcoid for 10 days and for the 6 months that followed, one side of her head didn’t look very pretty! It got much worse before it got better but she was able to be ridden again once the swelling had gone down. With this in mind, Lotties beckoning university commitments 160 miles away and the fact that the family really did believe she had a lot of potential they decided to send her to Ginny Howe ( to event. She quickly went from strength to strength and gained her first points in her first novice in 2008. By 2010 Ginny and Bobo had many top 10 Intermediate placing under their belts, a double clear in the Young Rider 2* at Weston Park and the all important qualification for a 3*. By the end of 2010 they completed Hartpury’s notoriously difficult CIC3* clear XC and Blenhiem CIC 3* 8/9 year old class, where she was the highest finishing mare. 2011 bought less luck and Bo had a heart stopping fall at Tweseldown where she got trapped under a fence. It really knocked her confidence and the tough decision was made to move yards to Kitty King ( and try to re-build her knocked confidence. Kitty works extremely hard on all her horses and is a shining example to any young rider. Both her and her mum have an eye for perfection and their instincts around horses are second to none. After a few months of down time, an exciting embryo transfer and lots of novice runs, she went back up to intermediate and took 3rd at Pontispool. The phase that had always let her down was the dressage, and with Kittys quiet manner, lots and lots of repetitive and laborious training, this had drastically improved. The aim for 2012 was to continue to build on her flatwork, quieten her show jumping down so she wasn’t making up as much ground between fences and toget her to look properly at what she was doing on the cross country course. Considering the stop start nature of this season Bo has had some pleasing results this year with many intermediate placings, completing the season with only 2 fences down in 11 runs and an average intermediate dressage test of 31.7, certainly an improvement on the last few years. Please read my blog for regular updates on Bobo!


Stable Name: Yogi

DOB: 2005

Level: Novice / 1*

Notable achievements to date:

BYEH finals 4 and 5 year olds

Longleat Novice 2nd 2011

Purston Manor Novice 3rd 2011

Hartpury 1* 22nd 2011

Portman Novice 4th 2012

BE Points: 20

Foundation Points: 24

2013 Aims: Top 20 1* placing / Progress to Intermediate

Worst habit: Jumping out of his field / escaping in general

Favourite treats: Apples

Favourite pastime: Showjumping / escaping

Owners: Mrs Tracey Wemyss, Miss Lottie Wemyss, Miss Millie Wemyss, Mr William Wemyss

Rider: Kitty King (

A little bit about Yogi….

Yogi was bought by the Wemyss family from profits made on the sale of a different horse Lottie, Millie and William all had shares in. Lottie and Tracey went to view 20 young horses over a few days and came away with Yogi, an unbroken 4 year old that had just been brought over from Holland. He went straight to Ginny Howes yard and over next few months he was introduced to ridden work which he took to beautifully. He has always been a very cheeky character and one with many quirks! He has never liked staying in one field for too long and will easily and calmly jump from field to field and even jump 5 bar gates back onto the yard to take himself back to his stable. At one point he was even teaming up with the farm collie, who can flip over the kick bars, and was opening his stable door so he could have a nose around. In between adding to his list of tricks, by August of 2009 Yogi had qualified for the Burghley Young Event Horse Finals. Yogi went on to begin his affiliated eventing career in style and by the end of 2010 he had been placed a number of times at BE100 level and gained full marks for his jumping technique to qualify for the Burghley Young Event Horse Finals again as a 5 year old. By his 6 year old season, Yogi had grown up a little bit and spent more time focussing on his career than dancing on his hind legs; a favourite past time as a 4 and 5 year old. He achieved many placings at Novice and gained his first points and a very respectable 1* completion at Hartpury. During the February of 2012 he joined Bobo at Kitty Kings yard where he settled in quickly showing a lot of promise in their first few events together. Yogi had the rest of the 2012 season off due to a minor operation, but he will be back in action and hopefully better than ever for the 2013 season.

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