Argentinian Polo Belts

Our polo belts are designed by us and manufactured to our high standards in Buenos Aires. Components include fabulous leather especially selected for Polka Dot Pie. The width of the standard Argentinian Polo Belt is 3.3cm. Our belt leather colours vary from light tan, dark tan to a deep dark brown and black. Standard width (3.3cm) polo belt sizes are from 85cm to 115cm for adults. Have a look at the 'Skinny Polo' belts which are in a 2.5cm width - they're from just 60cm to 95cm - perfect for children and the smaller belt loops found on riding breeches. Our belt measurements are taken from the very end of the buckle, including the full length of the buckle itself, to the middle hole (there are 5 holes). The below measurements are for guidance only:
85cm - size 8/10
90cm - size 10/12
95cm - size 12/14
100cm - size 14/16
105cm - size 16/18
110cm - size 18/20
115cm - size 20/22
85cm - size 30/32 inch
90cm - size 32/34 inch
95cm - size 34/36 inch
100cm - size 38/40 inch
105cm - size 40/42 inch
110cm - size 44/46 inch
115cm - size 46/48 inch
We also stock a few designs in a 120cm - availability is shown on each belt page. We offer a full fitting service on hand at our various International Horse Trials on the British Eventing circuit... Come and see us to have a size up!

Children’s & Breeches’ Skinny Belts

For your favourite smaller people and adults alike! A belt with a touch less weight (2.5cm width rather than 3.3cm) in a variety of lengths. Suitable for smaller trouser belt loops as well as on riding breeches. These are perfect miniatures of the adult belts but are narrower and have smaller buckles making them perfect for children to to fit through the loops on their jeans or jodhpurs. The sizes we stock are from a 60cm to 95cm. The 60cm are the smallest on the market. If you look carefully there are a few 95cm as well, but if you can't find what you need on the website, feel free to give us a call to check the stock availability as we are always getting new stock sent over from Argentina so some may have slipped through the stock management gaps!

Our belt measurements are taken from the very end of the buckle, including the full length of the buckle itself, to the middle hole (there are 5 holes).

Be aware that these are generally worn on the waist, so your measurements must be taken from here. The absolute best way to gauge the ideal size for you or a child would be to measure a belt that you (or they) currently use from the end of the buckle to the hole that you (they) currently wear it on and then decide on which size is best, allowing for the natural 'give' in the leather.

For example if you measure your belt to the hole you currently wear it on, and it is 82cm, it is best that you go for either the 80cm or the 85cm. Personally, I would round down to the 80cm in this case.

Children are notoriously difficult to size up as they come in all shapes and sizes, but here is a very approximate guide to help you:

60 cm Age 4 - 6
65 cm Age 6 - 8
70 cm Age 8 - 10
75 cm Age 10 - 13
80 cm Age 13+
85 cm Size 8
90 cm Size 10

Collar and Lead Sets

As with our perfect leather belts for adults and children alike, our four legged friends are well catered for with a strong range of Argentinian collars, leads and lead sets. Our collar and lead sets are much admired wherever we go. We provide a large amount of options for you to choose from when deciding what would suit your pooch, from a full matching set to a or a plain leather lead to accompany your collar. The best way to measure these is from the very end (and including) the buckle, to the hole they currently wear it on. With this measurement, you can use the below guide of the first hole and last hole in cms for a rough idea of which would be the ideal size by fitting it into one of the size ranges. For example, if the collar measures 28cm to the hole they use, then an XS would be perfect; and equally, if it is anywhere within the 40-49cm range then a Large would be great.

XS (27 cm - 33 cm) Very small terrier, Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle

(29 cm  - 37 cm) Jack Russell, Border Terrier, Pug

M (35 cm - 43 cm) Beagle, Cocker Spaniel

L (40 cm - 49 cm) Small/Fine Labrador, Pointer, Small Collie, Dalmatian

XL (45 cm - 55 cm) Larger/Chunky Labrador, Retriever, German Shepherd

XXL (47 cm - 60 cm) Great Dane, Bloodhound

Greyhound and Whippet Collars

We now have an exciting collection of Greyhound, Lurcher and Whippet collars with 8 designs to chose that vary from very multi-coloured to a subtle more country look! Take a look and treat your friend to a tip top new collar.
S 39 30 34 5 2
M 46 32 41 5.6 2
L 50 34 44 6 2
XL 58 43 53 7 2
All Dimensions are shown in centimetres
OL Overall length incl buckle
LF Length incl buckle to first hole
LL Length incl buckle to last hole
WP Widest point
NP Narrowest point
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