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Polka Dot Pie was established in 2008, and we were originally supplied by a UK contact with links to factories in Argentina. Once we outgrew this a year or so later, we sourced a fantastic team of our own in Buenos Aires who we work with very closely in order to maintain the highest quality throughout our range. This progression also meant that we now have complete control over our leatherwork through the entire manufacturing process; from sourcing the best quality leather, to which buckles to use, as well as the all-important colour combinations. The widest range of Argentinian dog collars anywhere in the world.

Last years new designs were: The Strand, Devonshire, Islington, Buckingham and AscotMarston, BramhamEbony Diamond, Farley Diamond, Wychwood, Dauntsey and Lancelot.  Sandringham, Balmoral, Kensington, Kitty and Finn. 17 designs in all, more than anywhere else. Wow!

The Strand





Arco TT Dog Collar
Arco Iris Collar
Master McGrath Collar
Windsor Collar
Rosa Diamond Collar
Rosa Skinny
Alexander Skinny
Windsor Skinny
Lucia Skinny
Swanbourne Skinny

We aim to keep our extensive collection original and fresh so we continue to create several new designs each year. Our team hand stitch every belt, dog collar and lead exclusively for Polka Dot Pie, which means that each individual item has our high standard seal of approval. You may have noticed that each design has a name, and each of those names has a distinct story within the family. We are proud to have one of the largest polo belt collections in the world; a feat that is also applicable to our polo dog collar range.

Our latest matching greyhound leads: Wilton, Master McGrath, Diana Suela, Cleopatra Suela and Arco Iris.

We hold two width variations: the standard belt width of 3.3cm or the narrower 'Skinny' belt, which are perfect for children and breeches at 2.5cm wide. Sizes in our Polo Belt Collection range from 85 to 115cm, and our ’Skinny’ Polo Belt Collection start from the tiny size of 60cm (for around 4-5 years old) up to a 95cm. Our belt measurements are taken from the very end of the buckle, to the middle hole (there are 5 holes); but the absolute best way to gauge the ideal size for you would be to measure a belt that you already use from the end of the buckle to the hole that you currently wear it on.

Our most popular skinnies? - Rosa Skinny, Lucia Skinny and Whaddon.

Please see our ‘Measuring’ page (link located at the bottom of each page) to find some additional information. Of course, we are only on the end of the phone if you need a hand with sizing, we’d rather you receive the perfect belt first time!

If you have bought from us before, feel free to send us a photo of you or your hound by email ( or using our social media links above - we love to see where our PDP pieces end up!

We are pleased to be continuing our support for Vittoria Panizzon for the fourth consecutive year.

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